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Made a group for high quality art!

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 21, 2015, 6:23 AM

If you like rly nice art and want to see or suggest really nice art to this group for others to see, you can join here! I'm the only/first member so I'm the only one who made any submissions so far.. BUT! Hopefully you guys like and enjoy this group!

Update: Fixed join requests, so you're able to join as members and automatically approved. Let me know if there's any bugs!

HIGHLY nsfw Pokemon livestream

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 17, 2015, 10:58 AM

(part 3)  uhhhh pokemon having sex, birth, pregnancy, and pokemon genitals!... HERE GOES

Pineapple Soda returns!

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 28, 2015, 9:22 AM

Pineapple Soda's comic resumes! Pineapple Soda updates one page weekly on any website
where it's normally posted and one panel daily on sites like deviantART, tumblr and twitter.


Journal Entry: Fri Dec 6, 2013, 12:35 PM

Can't quite explain it now, but for character profiles and a preview of the new project, here you go~ (you must be on a computer or touch pad)…


Journal Entry: Wed Sep 7, 2011, 12:09 PM

Okay okay okay okay.

So today.. Me and the other creator of Pineapple Soda (Erin. We’re comic book authors) are about to go to the beach but we wake up to see that due to freak weather, it's suddenly 60 degrees and raining for the next three weeks so we didn't get to go. Instead, we go to see Zootopia. We stop at an intersection because we almost got hit by a reckless driver and then this reckless driver almost hit a motorcyclist who is this elderly man. Right? So we stop and talk to the old man, ask him if he's okay because we're worried about him. He's alright and he thanks us. We drive off; both us and old man are okay. So...

We go to the movies and watch Zootopia. It's amazing. We watch it at Cinemark theatre and it's a remarkably nice theatre. It's amazing. Everyone is super nice, all the employees are so friendly and we're amazed. We go shopping afterward, Erin goes in a store just for shoes and the first pair she finds are exactly her size, exactly the type of shoe she was looking for, exactly the same color as the dress she's wearing and we're like "Omg, what a coincidence!" She buys them and we leave.

We get home and our neighbor down the street is out tending his garden and Erin's like "Ooh look! It's the old man who wanted to buy my truck last month." and we get out and he says "Thank you! I know you sold your truck for your new Fiat, and I really wanted it but it. Shame you sold it before I got to telling you. But it convinced me and my wife to buy this new one and it rides like a dream. How do you like your new Fiat?" 

So we get closer and he goes ".. You're the people in the Fiat from earlier" because he recognized my white hair and Erin's dress. Then he says "I'm the motorcyclist!!" So we start talking and about how he actually lost his twin brother in the exact same kind of motorcycle accident he got in today so it was disturbing to him. He'd lost his identical twin and history repeated itself! But he asks us what we were out doing. We tell him we saw Zootopia at Cinemark and tell him that it was awesome. He asks us "Which one?" so we tell him "The one by the mall down here." and he says "Ooh, I own that building! That is my district! How was the experience?" So we thank him and tell him that his employees are awesome and it was a great time and a great theatre." He tells us that he'll let us have front seats at the private up stairs theatre which is hella fly and usually reserved for really rich people. It's to pay us back for our hospitality when we checked on him after the accident. 

We begin talking about the house we live in, and our neighbourhood because it is a nice neighborhood and we mention our neighbor. At that exact moment---that neighbor we’re talking about---walks up from having been walking his dog, behind the old man who had no idea he was there. Turns out he's friends with the old man, so he tells the guy "Did you ever find the owner of the wallet?" And so Erin goes.. "Wait, wallet?" SO THEN we find out it's MY wallet! I apparently dropped it on a walk and he's like "OH MY GOD!" So he tells me he sent it to North Carolina because that's what my wallet says; that I reside there. But it can't be shipped back there because no one lives at that address anymore. I live halfway across the country from that address and there’s NO WAY I COULD GET IT BACK. So he tells me the police station he turned it into, and where to go get it so I can stop it before it gets sent to the wrong place. Because it's the weekend, they haven't shipped it anywhere so I get it back just in time!! BLESS THESE MEN!!

The coincidences don't stop there!! It turns out, the old man bought the motorcycle FROM ERIN; they recognize each others names. She actually works at Harley Davidson and the bike he was on in the near-collision earlier was the one she sold him. 

ALL of this because of freak weather and PERFECT timing. 

We all just stopped and shook hands. 

What're your favourite songs?

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 4, 2011, 6:52 AM

Send me all your favourite songs! I need some new jams to scoot me feet to!